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METRO CAD INC. (Capital Asset Disposition) procures assets and excess inventory from companies across the United States. Using our new website, we now auction our inventory online.


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MPC-530 BLUNT MICROPROBE TIP STRA MTC-120 MICROHOOK STRAIGHT MTC-150 MICROHOOK GUARDED STRAIGH MTC-220 MICROSAW STRAIGHT MS-2010 MICROFORCEPS, DUMONT #1, MS-2011 MICROFORCEPS,.008"W X.008 MS-2020 MICROFORCEPS, DUMONT #2, MS-2021 MICROFORCEPS,.012"W X.008 MS-2031 MICROFORCEPS,.005"W X.005 MS-2040 MICROFORCEPS, CARBON MS-2050 MICROFORCEPS, CARBON MS-2050-B MICROFORCEPS,#5 45-DEG,CA MS-2051-B MICROFORCEPS, STAINLESS MS-2060 MICROFORCEPS, DUMONT #6, MS-2061 MICROFORCEPS,.010"W X.006 MS-2070 MICROFORCEPS, CARBON MS-2071 MICROFORCEPS, .008"W X.00 MST-1-1 MICROSOLDERING TIP MST-1-2 MICROSOLDERING TIP MST-2-2 MICROSOLDERING TIP MST-3-2 MICROSOLDERING TIP MST-4-1 MICROSOLDERING TIP MST-4-2 MICROSOLDERING TIP MST-5-2 MICROSOLDERING TIP 14002-B MICROPROBE HANDLE, BLACK 14002-R MICROPROBE HANDLE, RED 14003 BIT HOLDER,MICROPROBE 14017-1 BIT HOLDER,RAW BASE,.025 14123 BLANK,SPATULA,MICROTOOL 31451 NEEDLE,#7,SHARP 31452 LATCH NEEDLE 31453 MIRROR,.249DIA,RAD.COATED 31454 SAW,JEWLERS BLADE,#2,3/4L 31456 Needle Carbide .50 X .025 PSC-MP MICROPROBE CASE,8-PROBE PDS-II PULSE DOT II MICROSOLDER 14030 PULSE PEN II 14030-2 BARREL,PDS II TIP 30007-2MT FOOT SWITCH,PULSE DOT 11 30009MT KNOB,SMALL,PULSE DOT 11 30010MT KNOB,LARGE,PULSE DOT 11 30015MT FOOT,RUBBER,PULSE DOT 11 30028 STRIP, TERMINAL, 5 POINT, 30044MT INDICATOR LIGHT,PULSE DOT 30128MT RECEPTICAL,PULSE DOT 11 30426MT STRAIN RELIEF BUSHING,PUL 30727 METER, 0-10 VOLTS A.C. CE-24-FB EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CME-33-B FLAT FLANGE EYELETS BRASS CME-37-C FLAT FLANGE EYELETS COPPE CN-1 NUTS,BRASS,CADMIUM PLATED CS-1024-S SCREWS, INSTR HEAD, STAIN CS-206-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CE-1010-B ROLL FLNG EYE,BRASS GOLD PLT CE-103-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-104-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-105-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-106-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-107-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-108-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-109-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-1210-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-1211-B ROLLED FLNG, EYE, BRASS, GLD CE-1213-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-1214-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-123-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-126-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-126-BN EYELETS, RLLD FLNGE,NICKE CE-127-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-128-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-129-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-163-B EYE, ROLL FLNG,BRASS, GOLD PLT CE-22-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-22-FB EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, B CE-23-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-23-FB EYE, FUN FLNG, BRASS, GOLD PLT CE-30-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-30-C EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-325-FB EYE,FUN FLNG, BRASS, GOLD PLT CE-325-FC EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-32-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-32-C ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS COP CE-32-FB EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-33-FBT FUNNEL FLNG, BRASS, GOLD PL CE-33-FBXG FUNNEL FLNG,BRASS, TIN PLATE CE-42-FB EYELETS, FUN FLNG, BRASS, GOLD CE-35-C EYE, ROLL FLNG, COPP, GOLD PLT CE-35-FC EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-425-FB EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, B CE-425-FC EYELETS, FUNNEL FLNG, GOL CE-42-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-42-FC EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-43-FBXG FUN FLNG BRASS 50MIL GLD PLT CE-44-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-44-C ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS COP CE-44-FB EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-44-FC EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-45-FB EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-46-FB EYELETS,FUNL FLANGE,GOLD CE-46-FC EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-47-B EYELETS, ROLL FLANGE, GOL CE-63-B EYELETS, ROLL FLANGE, GOL CE-63-FB EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-63-FC EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-64-C EYE, FUN FLNG, COPP, GOLD PLT CE-64-FC EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-65-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-65-FB EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-65-FC EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-66-FB EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-67-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-68-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-68-BN EYELET NICKLE PLATE CE-695-B ROLL FLNG EYE,BRASS GOLD PLT CE-69-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-810-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-83-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-84-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-84-C ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS COP CE-85-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-85-FB EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-85-FC EYELETS,FUNNEL FLNG,GOLD CE-86-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CE-87-B EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,GOLD CE-88-B EYE, ROLL FLNG, BRASS, GOLD PLT CE-89-B ROLLED FLANGE EYELETS BRA CET-10 EYELET SETTING TOOLS CET-12 EYELET SETTING TOOLS CET-16 SETTING TOOL CET-2-F SETTING TOOL, FUNELET CET-2-M EYELET SETTING TOOLS CET-3-F EYELET SETTING TOOLS CET-3-M EYELET SETTING TOOLS CET-4 EYELET SETTING TOOLS CET-4-F ELELET SETTING TOOLS CET-4-M EYELET SETTING TOOLS CET-6 EYELET SETTING TOOLS CET-6-F SETTING TOOL, FUNELET CET-6-M SETTING TOOL, EYELET CET-8 EYELET SETTING TOOLS CET-8-F SETTING TOOL, FUNELET CFW-1 FLAT WASHERS, CAD PLT CFW-10-G FLAT WASH, GOLD PLATED CFW-1-G FLAT WASH, GOLD PLATED CFW-2 FLAT WASH, CADMIUM PLT CFW-2-U FLAT WASH CFW-20 FLAT WASHERS, CAD PLT CFW-20-G FLAT WASHER GOLD PLATED CFW-3 WASHERS,FLAT,CADMIUM PLAT CFW-30 FLAT WASHERS,CAD PLATED CFW-3-G FLAT WASHER, GOLD PLATED CFW-4 WASHERS,FLAT,CADMIUM PLAT CIFW-1 WASHERS,INSULATING FLAT CIFW-10 INSULATING FLAT WASHERS CIFW-20 INSULATING FLAT WASHERS CIFW-3 WASHERS,INSULATING FLAT CIFW-4 INSULATING FLAT WASHERS CLW-1 SPLIT LOCK WASHERS CLW-10-G SPLIT LOCK WASH, GOLD PLATED CLW-2 SPLIT LOCK WASH CLW-2-G SPLIT LOCK WASH, GOLD PLATED CLW-20 SPLIT LOCK WASHERS CLW-20-G SPLIT LOCK WASH, GOLD PLATED CLW-3 SPLIT LOCK WASHERS CLW-30 SPLIT LOCK WASHERS CME-11-B FLAT FLNG EYE, BRASS, GLD PLT CME-11-C FLAT FLANGE EYELETS COPPER CME-12-C FLAT FLANGE EYELETS COPPE CME-14-C FLAT FLANGE EYELETS COPPE CME-15-C FLAT FLANGE EYELETS COPPE CME-212-C EYELETS, FLAT FLANGE, GOL CME-22-C FLAT FLANGE EYELETS COPPE CME-27-CS EYELET SOLDER PLATED CME-28-B FLAT FLANGE EYELETS BRASS CME-29-B FLAT FLANGE EYELETS BRASS CME-32-C FLAT FLANGE EYELETS COPPE CME-33-C FLAT FLANGE EYELETS COPPE CME-33-CS FL FLNG EYE COPP, SOLDER PLT CME-34-C FLAT FLNG EYE, COPPER CME-36-B FLAT FLANGE EYELETS BRASS CME-38-B EYELETS,FLAT FLANGE,GOLD CME-38-C EYELETS, FLAT FLANGE GOLD CME-39-C FLAT FLANGE EYELETS COPPE CME-46-B FLAT FLANGE EYELETS BRASS CME-47-C FLAT FLANGE EYELETS COPPE CME-48-B EYELETS,FLAT FLANGE,GOLD CME-510-B EYELETS,FLAT FLANGE,GOLD CME-512-B FLAT FLNG EYE, BRASS, GLD PLT CN-1-G INSTR. NUTS, GOLD PLATED CN-20 INSTRUMENT NUTS CN-20-G INSTR. NUTS, GOLD PLATED CN-3 NUTS, BRASS, CADMIUM PLAT CN-30 INSTRUMENT NUTS CR-22 RIVETS CR-24 RIVETS, MICRO GOLD PLATED CR-25 RIVETS CR-26 RIVETS CR-33 RIVETS CR-34 RIVETS CR-35 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-36 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-37 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-44 RIVETS CR-46 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-47 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-48 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-611 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-612 RIVETS CR-614 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-63 RIVETS CR-64 RIVETS CR-65 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-66 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-67 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-68 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-69 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-810 RIVETS, GOLD PLATED CR-811 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-812 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-814 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-816 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-818 RIVETS CR-820 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-84 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-85 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-86 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-87 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CR-88 RIVETS,GOLD PLATED CRT-2 RIVET SETTING TOOL CRT-3 RIVET SETTING TOOL CRT-4 RIVET SETTING TOOL CRT-6 SETTING TOOL,RIVET CRT-8 SETTING TOOL,RIVETS,2PC/S CS-1010 INSTR.HD. MICRO SCREW, CAD PL CS-1010-S INSTR. HD MICRO SCREW, STAINL CS-1012 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-1016 INSTR.HD. MICRO SCREW, CAD PL CS-1016-BLK INSTR.HD.MICRO SCREW, BLACK CS-1020 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-1020-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CS-1024 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-104 INSTR.HD MICRO SCREW, CAD PL CS-104-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CS-106 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-106-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CS-108 SCREWS, INSTR HD, CADMIUM P CS-108-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-110 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-112 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-116 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-116-S SCREWS, INSTR HEAD, STAIN CS-120 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-120-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-124 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-124-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-128 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-128-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-132 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-132-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-14 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-14-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-16-S SCREW,INSTR.HD.,SS 1-72 X CS-18-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CS-2010 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-2010-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CS-2012-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, CADMIUM P CS-2016 SCREWS, INSTR HD,CADMIUM CS-204 SCREWS, INSTR HD CS-204-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CS-206 SCREWS, INSTR HEAD, CADMIUM P CS-208 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-208-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CS-210-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-212 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-212-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, SS CS-216 SCREWS, INSTR HE CS-216-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-220 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-220-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-224 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-224-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-228 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-228-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-232 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-232-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-234-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CS-24 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-24-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-26 SCREWS, INSTR HD CS-28-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-306 SCREW, INSTR HD CS-306-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CS-308 SCREWS,INSTR HD CS-308-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CS-310 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-310-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-312 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-312-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-316 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-316-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-320 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-320-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-324 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-324-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-328 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-328-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-332-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-34 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-34-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-36 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-38 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-38-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-410 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-420 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-420-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-424-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-428 SCREWS, INSTR HD, CADMIUM PL CS-428-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLESS CS-432 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-432-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-44 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-44-S SCREWS,INSTR HD,STAINLESS CS-46 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CS-48 SCREWS,INSTR HD,CADMIUM P CSB-10 SOLDER BALLS,DIAM .050,PL CSB-11 SOLDER BALLS,DIAM .050,PL CSF-1010-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-1012 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-1012-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-1016 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-1020 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-1020-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-1024 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-1024-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD, STAINLESS CSF-104 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-104-S SCREWS, FLAT HEAD,STAINLE CSF-106 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-106-S SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, STAINL CSF-108 SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, CADMIUM CSF-112 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-112-S SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, STAINL CSF-116 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-116-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-120 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-120-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-124 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-124-S SCREWS, FLAT HEAD,STAINLE CSF-128 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-128-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-132 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-16-S SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, STAINL CSF-2010 SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, CADMIUM CSF-2010-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CSF-2012 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-2012-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CSF-2016 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-2016-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CSF-204 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-204-S SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, STAINLE CSF-204-T SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, TIN PLATED CSF-206 FLAT HEAD SCREWS CSF-206-S SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, STAINLESS CSF-208 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-208-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CSF-210 FLAT HEAD SCREWS CSF-210-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-216 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-216-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-220 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-224 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-224-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-228 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-228-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-232 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-232-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-24-S SCREWS, INSTR HD, STAINLE CSF-26 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-28-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD, STAINLESS CSF-304 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-304-S SCREWS. FLAT HEAD, STAINL CSF-306 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-308 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-308-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-310 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-310-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-312 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-312-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-316 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-316-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-320 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-320-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-324-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-324-S DUPLICATE CSF-328 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-328-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-332 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-332-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-34 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-34-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-36 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-36-S SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, STAINL CSF-38 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-38-S SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, STAINLESS CSF-410 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-410-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-412 SCREWS, FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-412-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-416 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-416-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-420 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-424 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-424-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-428 SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, CADMIUM CSF-428-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-432-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-44 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CSF-44-S SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, STAINLESS CSF-46-S SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,STAINLES CSF-48 SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,CADMIUM CE-24-FBU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-42-FBU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-43-FBU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-45-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CME-27-CU EYELET, FLAT UNPLATED CME-33-BU EYELETS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLA CME-37-CU EYELETS, FLAT FLANGE, UNP CR-23-U MICRO RIVETS CR-45-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CSB-2-U MICROSOLDER BALLS, UNPLAT CE-1014-BU EYELETS,ROLLED FLANGE,UNP CE-104-BU EYELETS,ROLL FLANGE,UNPLA CE-104-CU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-105-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-109-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-1211-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-1214-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-123-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-126-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-128-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-129-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-163-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-22-BU EYELETS RLD FLANGE UNPLA CE-22-FBU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-23-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-23-FBU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-24-BU EYE,ROLL FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-30-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-30-CU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-32-FBU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-34-CU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-34-FBU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, BRASS CE-34-FCU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLNG, COPPER CE-35-CU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-35-FCU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-425-FCU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-42-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-42-FCU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-43-CU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-44-CU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-44-FCU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-45-FBU EYELETS,FUNNEL FLANGE,UNP CE-46-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-46-FBU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-47-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANCE, U CE-63-FCU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-64-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-64-CU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE,UN CE-64-FBU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLNG, BRASS CE-65-BU EYELETS,ROLLED FLANGE,UNP CE-65-FBU EYELETS, FUNNEL FLANGE, U CE-695-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-811-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-83-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-84-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, BRASS CE-84-CU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CE-85-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, BRASS CE-86-BU EYELETS, ROLLED FLANGE, U CFW-1-U WASHERS, FLAT UNPLATED CFW-20-U WASHERS, FLAT UNPLATED CFW-2-U NOT AVAILABLE CFW-30-U WASHERS, FLAT UNPLATED CFW-3-U WASHERS, FLAT UNPLATED CFW-4-U WASHERS, FLAT UNPLATED CME-13-CU EYELETS, FLAT FLANGE, UNP CLW-1-U WASHERS, SPLIT LOCK, UNPL CLW-20-U WASHERS, SPLIT LOCK, UNPL CLW-2-U WASHER,SPLIT LOCK,UNPLATE CLW-30-U WASHER, SPLIT LOCK CLW-3-U WASHERS,SPLIT LOCK,UNPLAT CME-12-CU EYELETS, FLAT FLANGE, UNP CME-32-CU EYELETS, FLAT FLANGE, UNP CME-36-BU EYELETS, FLAT FLANGE,BRASS CME-38-BU EYELETS, FLAT FLANGE, UNP CME-39-CU EYELETS, FLAT FLANGE, UNP CN-20-U NUTS,BRASS,UNPLATED CR-35-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-36-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-37-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-43-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-46-U RIVETS, UNPLATED/cad or nickel CR-47-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-610-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-611-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-612-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-64-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-65-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-66-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-67-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-68-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-810-U RIVETS, UNPLATED MICRO CR-811-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-820-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-85-U RIVETS, UNPLATED (BRASS?) CR-86-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CR-89-U RIVETS, UNPLATED CS-1010-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HD, UN CS-1016-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HD,UNP CS-1020-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HD,UNP CS-1024-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HD,UNP CS-104-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HD,UNP CS-112-U SCREWS, INSTR HD, UNPLATE CS-116-U SCREWS, INSTR HD, UNPLATE CS-16-U SCREWS, INSTR HD, UNPLATE CS-2016-U SCREWS, INSTR HD, UNPLATE CS-206-U SCREW,INSTR HD,BRASS,UNPL CS-216-U SCREWS, INSTR HD, UNPLATE CS-224-U SCREWS, INSTR HD, UNPLATE CS-228-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HEAD,U CS-24-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HD, UN CS-26-U SCREWS, INSTR HD, UNPLATE CS-28-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HEAD,U CS-306-U SCREWS, INSTR HD , UNPLAT CS-308-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HD,UNP CS-312-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HEAD,U CS-316-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HEAD,U CS-320-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HEAD,U CS-324-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HEAD,U CS-38-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HEAD,U CS-412-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HEAD,U CS-420-U SCREWS, INSTR HEAD, UNPLA CS-424-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HEAD,U CS-428-U SCREWS, INSTRUMENT HEAD,U CS-432-U SCREWS, INSTR HD, UNPLATE CS-46-U SCREWS,INSTR HEAD,UNPLATE CSB-12-U SOLDER BALLS,UNPLATED CSB-1-U MICROSOLDER BALL, UNPLATE CSB-3-U MICROSOLDER BALLS, UNPLAT CSB-6-U SOLDER BALLS, UNPLATED CSB-7-U SOLDER BALLS,UNPLATED CSB-8-U MICROSOLDER BALLS, UNPLAT CSB-9-U SOLDER BALLS, UNPLATED CSF-106-USCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-108-U SCREWS ,FLAT HEAD CSF-110-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-116-U SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,UNPLATED CSF-132-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-18-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-2016-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-204-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-206-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-208-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-24-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-26-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-28-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD,UNPLATE CSF-308-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-36-U SCREWS FLAT HEAD, UNPLATE CSF-38-U SCREWS, FLAT HEAD, UNPLAT CSF-46-U SCREWS,FLAT HEAD,UNPLATED 2-Mike 3 COM 3DT, Inc 3M 3M ENGINEERING DOCUMENT SYSTEMS DIV 3m Highland A Premier Farnell Company A&G Computers A-B A-B ABB ABB Abbott Abbott Labs ABD ABS Absolute Solutions Acco Bristol Acco USA Accucut Accu-Heat II ACCU-TROI ACM ACME Acme ACME Transformer Acopian Acoplan Acton Research Corp Acurite ACU-RITE Ad Cola AD Electronics Adams Safe and Service Co. Adams-Maxwell Ademva Advanced AESP Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment Advert Design Corp Advert Design Corp Bristal Advice Advin Systems, Inc. AEG Aero Motive Co AEROS INSTRUMENTS Aerostar Aerotech AESP Af 100s 3m Afga-Gerart AG Etco AGFA COMPUGRAPHIC DIVISION AIR CO Air control Inc. Air Drying Systems Air Handler Air Products Air Purification System, Inc. Air Reduction Air Shields Airco Airguard Airpax Airport Corporation Akro-mils Albert Albury Alcott Aleco Alert All Steel Allan Gordon Ent. Inc. Allen Bradley Allied Automation, Inc. Allied Electronics Allied Moulded Allied Teiesyn International Alloy Products Alloy Products Co. Alltrade Alpha Alpha Metals Alpha Omega Instruments Alpha Systems Lab, Inc. Alpha Wire Co. Altera Altexe/Beckman Aluma-Lift AMCO AMD Amercan Reliance Inc. American Allsafe Co. American Analog American Arium American Beauty American Dade American Electric Fusion American Hustler American Int'nl Electric American Label System American Medical Sales American Optical American Products American Pullmax Co., Inc. American Reliance American Scientific Products American Sign & Indicator American U V Comp American Ultraviolet American Ultraviolet Co. American Vacuum Society Ametek AMI Presco AMP AMP, Inc. Amphenol Amplifier Research Archer Amprobe Instruments Amrel Amsco An Esterline Company Anaheim Automation Analogic Analytical Instruments Ancienne Maison Anderson Hickey Angeion Angelica Angelio Anoma Electric Anor-AD Anthro Antonik AO Scientific Instruments AOC Medical Systems AP Products Inc. APC Aplha Metals Apple Computer Application Engineering Applied Creative Technology APS Dynamics Aquafine Corp Aqualine Co. Aquarius Coating Inc AR Vetter Co Inc Arburg Archer Arco Medical Argus International Aristro Arium Corp Aro ARO Fluid Power Aromat Array Analysis Arrow Arrow Engineering Arrow Hart Arrow Pneumatics Art Specialty Co. Arterial Vascular Engineering Artograph artos engineering co Asahi Precision Co., LTD ASC ASCO ASCO Automatic Switch Co. ASEA Ashcroft Ashling ASI Altera Max Assembly Tech Associated Research Inc. AST ASTRO Astro Tool Astro Tool Corp Astro Visual Equipment Astrol Tool Corp Astrolite Alloys Astro-Med Astro-Med Inc Asymtek AT&T ATA.INC ATC Athena ATI Technologies, Inc. Atlantic Fluidical Atlas Atlas Vac Machine ATS AUCO/SVFF Audion Elektron Audion Elktro Augat Aui Ault, Inc. Auspicious Austin American Technology Automated Pack Systems Automated Packaging Systems Automated Production Equipment Automatic Dispense / K&S Automatic Switch Co. Automatic Timing and Controls Auveco Products Avanti AVCO AVE Fabrication Avetech Electro Systems AVL AVX Co. AZCO Corp Azonic B & C Micro Systems B & L B Tree B&C Microsystems, Inc. B&G B&L B&W B.l. B/R Bacharach Bachi Inc Bag Check Baker Brothers, Inc. Bal Tec Becker Corp PA Balston Balston Filter Products Banner Banner Engineering Barber-Coleman Barnant Co. Barnstead/Thermolyne Baron Blakeslee Barrier, Johnson and Johnson Barsley Electrical Bausch & Lomb Baxter Baxter Scientific Products Baxtert Bay Voltex Bayside BB Becker Beckman Beckman Coulter Instrument Becton Dickinson BEIL-MARK Bel-Art Products Belco Belco Packaging Systems Belden Belden Arcadio Ca Belden Corporation Beldon Belkin Belkin Components Bell & Howell Bell and Gossett Bellofram Corporation Bencher Benchmark Industries, Inc. Bendix Co. Bennett Beoeckeler Berg Electronics Bergquist Berkshire Corporation Berlinger Co Inc Bertan Assoc Inc Bertan Associates, Inc. Beseler Best Power Best Power Technology, Inc. Betol Machinery Beyer Dynamic Big Joe Manufacturing, Co. Big Three Industries, Inc. Bimba Binks Bio Medic Data Systems Bio Whittaker Biomedical Systems Biopac Systems, Inc. Bio-Rad Bio-Tek BIRD Bison Gear and Engineering Co. Bivco BK Precision Black & Decker Black and Webster Black Box Black Box Corp Black Box Corp Phone Blen-Cal Electronics Blm Blockmaster Electronics, Inc. Blue M Blue M BLUE M Blue M Electric Blue Wave Ultrasonics Blu-Mol BMS BNC Boca Research Inc. Bocamoden Bodine Electric Company Bodybilt Boeckeler Boeckeler Tucson AZ Boethringer Mannheim Corporation Boonton Electronics Co. Boston AIC, Inc. Boston Gear Boston Scientific Fabrications Bourns Box Box 7 Boy Boy Machines inc Bracker Radial Brady Brady USA Brando Dense Branson Branson Dunbury CT Branson Ultrsonics Bransonic Brass and Bronz Works Brazoria Valve and Fitting Co. Brewschnider Bridgeport Brief Brinkmann Instr Bristol Broan MFG Co Broan Mfg Co Brockton Boston Die Cutter Brook Manufacturing Brookfield Brooklyn Brooks/Emerson Brown & Sharpe Brown Craft Browning Brunner BS2 BSC Fabrication BSP BTC BTU International Buandy Buchanan Buchi Brickman Ind BUD Bueckler Buehler Bueller Bure Brown Burkert Burr-Brown Businessland Byers Bytek C and K C and M C&K C. Fleury Bienne C.A. Norgren Co. C.A.C. Cablescan, Inc. Cabletron Systems CABLETRON SYSTEMS CAL COMP Cal Comp. Cal Controls Ltd. Calapro Calcomp Calera Recongition Systems California Instruments California Stainless Mfg Calmont Wire and Cable, Inc. Cambride Instruments CAMBRIDGE INSTRUMENTS CAMCO Camelot Canmbridge Instruments Canon Capitol Capitol Equipment Co. Cardiac Control Systems Cardiowave Inc Cardiowave, Inc. Carleson Carling Carol Cable Company, Inc. Carrier Carrier Oklahoma City Carrlane Casade Laser CASIO Casio CCD CCI CDX Co. CE CEA Ceica Cellular Products, Inc. Centaur Dimetrics Inc Centerex Central Point Software Centry Champion chapman CHARLES WATER Charles Wattlick Company Chatanooga Co. Chatillon Checker Chemtonics Cherry Chicago Chicago Forge Chicago ill Chicago Laser Systems, Inc. Chicago Miniature Lamp Chicony Electronic Co. Chisholm Chiu Technical Co. Chromalox Chubb CIDTEC Cinch Cincinnati Cintex Coveyor System Cintex Group Circon Cirrus Logic Cis CITEC Citizen Watch Co. Ltd. Clarion Claude Michael Clay Adams Clean Air Products clean room products inc Cleantron Clear Light Clifton Precision Climet Clippard Clipper CLS Cltt sullins CMI Co star Coherent Cohn Wire Company Cohu Cole Palmer 800-323-4340 Cole Palmer Instrument Cole Parmer Colorado Video Comair Rotron Combridge Instruments Comco COMCO Inc Compact Air Linemaster Companion Compaq Compressor Controls Co. Compterwise Inc 913-8290600 Compumotor Computer Boards Inc. Computer Products Computerwise Conair Conair Tempro Conarc Conceptronics, Inc. Condor Conductive Products Connect Computer Co. Connector Division Contec Inc.orporation Continental Precision Instruments Control Cutler Hammer Control Systems Control Technology Corp Control Technology Corporation Controlled Enviroment Equipment Cor Contron Inc. Conventry Convergent Energy, Inc. Conxall Cooner Wire Cooper Cooper Industries Belden Copartner Copper Group Cornell-Dubilier Corning Corona Systems Costar Coventry Coweco CP Clare CP-209 CP-243 CPI CPI Sales Inc Metal Specialties Div Craftsman Cramer Crest Ultrasonics Critical Cover Critikon Inc. CRV Insustries Crydon Crystal Mark Inc CSA Csz CTR/Data General CTS CTX CTX International Inc Cuba CUI-STACK CURTIS Curtis Manufacturing Co. Curtis Matheson Scientific, Inc. CVD CW Price CWPRICE Cybernetics Cycle-Flex Eagal Signal Daco Flashcut Daedal Inc Dag, Inc. Dage DAIE Dale Dale Technology Co. Dallas Instruments Dallas Semiconductor Daniels DAQ DAQCARD-700 Dart Controls Inc DAT O I / O DATA BOOK Co. DATA GENERAL Data General Corporation Data I/O Data I/O Corporation Data Precision Data Spec Data Storm Datagraph Inc. Deskmate Datagraphix Datamax Datamyte Datascope Datavision Devices Datel Davis Instruments Davis Standard Pawcatuck CT Davis Standard Pawcatuck CT Dawn VME Productions Dayco Dayco Eastmen Hytron Daymarc Dayta General Dayton Dayton Electric Mfg Co Dazor Mfg. Co. DDK De Sta Company Dearborn Decision Components Dee Electric DEKTOR Dektor Dell Dell and Gossett Dellion Delta Design Delta Sonics Inc Delta Tau Delta Tau Data Systems Inc Deltronic Deltronics Deluxe Dem Denison Dentamerica Denver Instrument Co. Deprag Desco Design MFG Service DESPATCH Despatch Despatch Industries Inc Despatch Oven Co. Destroy DETREX Detrex Detrex Co. Dettronics Dexon Dexon MFG Rush City Mn Dexon, Inc. Diagnostic Instuments, Inc. Dialight Diamond Diamond ophir optics inc Diatest Dickson Diconix Diebel Engineering Inc. Digi Key Digi Key Memcor Truohm Inc DIGI-Key Digi-Key Amp Digi-Sense Digital Digital Computer Digital Link Digital Printserver Digital Software Digitec Dioonix A Kodak Comp Direct Light, Inc. Direct Power Plus Direct Tech Directed Light, Inc. Disco Discovery Technologies DMC DNI DO-ALL Doige DO-IT Dolan-Jenner Dolan-Jenner Ind Inc Domino Amjet Inc Donaldson Donaldson Torit Divi Donaldson Torit Product Mpls, Mn Donaldson Torit Products Dorian Tool Doric Doric Scientific Emerson Electric Dow Chemical Company Dow Corning Dranetz Technologies Dremell Dri Dri DS Dunegan Co. Dunmore Duofone Dupont Clysar Dupont Connector Systems Dupont Electronics Durant Durco Duro Power Tools Durst Variput DVE Dwyer Dwyer Instruments Dymax Dynalco Co. Dynatech Nevada Dynisco Dytran Instrument Co. Eagle Eagle Mfg Co Eagle Signal Eagle Test Systems, Inc. Easow Eastwood Machine Co Eazy Eckadams ECO-AIR Products Inc Edge-Sweets EDM Technonlogy Corp EDS Edstrom Industries, Inc. EDSYN Edumnd Scientific Edwards Edwards Automatic Edwin B Stimpson Company, Inc. EEEE Inc. EFD EFD E Prov EFD Inc Provodence RI EFD1 Efos EFOS EFOS INC EG & G Parc Eg&G Princeton Research Eg&G Princeton Research EG&G Roton Ind Div EGA Products Eguro EGUROMachinery Co-LTD EICO EIT Elco International Electrical Cord Electrix Electro Co. Electro Industries Electro Scientific Industries Electro Tech Systems, Inc. Electro-Componet Assembly Co. Electroglas Electroglas Inc Electroid Company Electro-Lite Corp Panbury CT Electromatic Equipment Co., Inc. Electron-Fusion Electronic Corp Cleveland `OH, Electronic for Medicine, Inc. Electronic Measurments Inc Electrophysics Nutley NJ Electroprep Electroscales Electrostatics, Inc. Electro-Steam Generator Co. Electrothermal Electrovert Elegance Eletro Componet Assembly Co. Elgar Elgar CA San Diego Ellsworth Elpac Em Enco Manufacturing Co. Encore Endevco Endura-Tec Engineered Controls Int Inc Engineered Document System Engineered Static Solutions, Inc. Engineered Technical Products ENI Enidine Entak Enterprise Tool inc. Envirco Envirco Corperation Environics Eog torgue system Eppendorf EPSCO Epson Epson Torance California Equatherm Equipment Company of America Equipto Equitec SRL Eraser Eraser Syracuse NY Ericson Erlab inc ERNST LEITZ GMBH WETZLAR Ersin Multicore Solder ESE ESI Esico ESM Corp ESMA ESPRIT Etherlink (VCI) Ets EUROTHERM Eurotherm Corporation Eurtherm Recorders Everest Interscience Inc Everett Charles Exact Electronics Inc. Executive Furniture Exergen Expoxer Kenix Co. Extech Extech Instruments Extension Cords Extrumed Inc EZ Hook F.J. Little Machining Co. F.W. Bell Fabricated for Medtronic Fairchild FALCON SYSTEM Falcon Systems Fam Co Machine Co Fanuc Faracator Farco Fargo Allegro Farnell Fatigue Dynamics Inc. Fed Ex Federal Fellowes Fenwal Festo Fib Guide Fiber Flo Mpls Mn Fiber Lite Fiber Metal Fiberoptic Specialists, Inc. Filterlite Fincor Electronics Division IMO Ind Finder Fischer and Porter Fischer Hamilton Fischer Scientific Fisher Fisher Ainsworth Fisher Brand Fisher Porter Fisher Scientific Fisherbrand Fisker Nielsen FKN Systek Flexaust Flexible Technologies, Inc. Flex-Weigh Co. Fluid Automation Fluke Fluke Phillips Fluoroware, Inc. Fluxatron FMI FMI Inc. For-A Ford Power Foredok Electric Co Bethal Ct Foredom Forma Scientific Fort Wayne Metals Forward Technology Fosdick M.T. Co. Fostec Fostex Fowler Foxboro Co. FP Framatone Connectors USA Franklin Fred S. Carver Freedom Freedom Series Friden Frigidaire FT & M INC. FTS Systems Inc Fuji Fujikura Fujisawa USA Inc. Fujitsu Linitec Fusion UV Systems, Inc G Tech Galaxy Galaxy Consumables Galaxy Sears Galil Gallenkemp Gampak Gamry Instruments Inc Gast Gast Mfg Co Gates Gaumer Gaymar GC Thorsen, Inc. GCA Co. GCA Precision Scientific GE GE Motor Gearmotor Chicago Il Gearmotor Intermedics Gemini and Nibco Gems Express Service Gems Sensors Division Genca General General Devices Co. General Devices Electronic Hardware General Eastern General Electric GENERAL ELECTRIC General Products Devices General Radio GENERAL RADIO COMPANY General Resistance General Scanning Inc. General Signal General Signal Corp General Signal W050 Genicon Genoa Genovation, Inc. Genrad Genter GEO Stevens Mfg Co George Fisher George Lithograph Company Gigatronics Gildemeister Gilian Instruments, Inc. Gillis Gilmont Gilson Glas-Col Apparatus Glendale Global Global Village Globe Motors Globe Tool Globe Weis GMC, Inc. Goilson Gold Star Golden Ram Goodman Gordon Gorton Machine Co Gould Electronic Inc. Gould Instruments Gralab Gra-lab Grant Granville Phillips Graphic Controls Graphtec Grass Instruments Grayhill Great Lakes Industries Green Par Greenlee Tool Co. Greif Brothers Corporation Grob Brothers Group West Grove Gear Division Regal Corp Wisc Grundfos Grvenberg Oven Company, Inc. Guidant Guildline Gulf Western Industries, Inc. Gulton H Streck Fub H.P. Reid, Inc. Haag Street Haake Haas Haas Laser Hagood engineering inc Hakko Halda Haldex Hallowellemc Halogen Lighting Hamilton Hammond Hammond Manufacturing Hampshire Controls Harrel Harrel corp Harrel Inc Harris Harris Semiconductor Harrison Lab Hart Scientific Harvard Harvard Apparatus Haskris haskris co. Hastings Haworth Hayes Hayward Plastermatic Valves Inc Heart Stream, Inc. HeathKit HeavyDuty Hedland HEI Inc. Height Master Heise Helicoil Heller Hemo Sapiens, Inc. Hendricks Engineering Henry Electronics Henry Man, Inc. Henwood Heraeus Instruments GMBH Heritage Hermes Hermetic Switch Hertage Hetherington Hewlett Packard Hewlett Packard Hexacon Electric Company HIAC/Riaco High Voltage Tech. High Voltage Tech. HILTI Hipotronics Hipotronics Inc Brewster, New York Hipotronics Inc Brewster, New York Hitachi Hitachi Authorized Factory Service Hitney Metal Tool Co. Hittman Materials Hittman Materials Hoffman Hoffman Hoffman Electrical Hoffman Engineering Co. Hofifiman Hollis Automation Holmes Holmes Air Holmes Air Holo Krome Holo Krome/Allen Home Made Homemade CPI Hon Honeywell Hon-Kwang Hotpack Houston Instruments Howard Industries HP HPG International Inc HPS Div of MKS Instruments INC HRS Hubbell Hudson International Hughes Hughes / Miyachi / Miyachi Hughes Aircraft Company Hughes Industrial Product Division Hughes Lan System Humi-Check Humphrey Products Huntington Mechanical Labrotories Hupp Corporation Hurcules Linemaster Switch Co. HVT Hybrid Machine Products Co. Hygrodynamics Hypertronics Corp Hytrol Conveyor Co Ibico IBM Ibus ICM ICS Electronics ICS ELECTRONICS Ideal Ideal Tek Idec IDL IEM Iepco Peenmatic IET IET Labs, Inc. IFR Ilan Elec Ltd ILX Lightwave Imada Imaje IMAK IMCS IMI Cornelius IMO Barksdale Controls IMO IND INC. Gems Sensor Div. Imo Industries Inc. Imperial Eastman Imperial IV Labline Impex IMS Comp In Control In House Fabrication Incontrol Industrial Computer Source Industrial Engineering and Equipmen Industrial Filters Industrial Science Industrial Timer Inficon Leybold Heraeus Infranoz Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll-Rand Co. Iniana General Motor Products Inmac inmac Cabletron Innomedica Innovative Medical Systems Instent LTD INSTENT LTD Instromedics, Inc. Instron Instrumentation Resources, Inc. Instruments for Research & Industry Intec Systems Intel INTELLICHARGE XT Intelligent system Co. Inter color Co. Interex Interface Associates Interface Technology Intermec Corporation Intermec Media Products Intermedics Intermedics Gearmotor Intermetro Industries Co. International Rectifier International Sensor Technology Interonics Analog Devices Interpower Intersil Interstate Wire Co. Int'l Rect IO Tech Iomega Ditto IoTech IPC IRT Fluoroscan ISI International Isles Isles/ K&S I-tech ITL Industries Luft Filter ITP Damona Electronics ITT Aerospace Control Division ITT Cannon ITT Jabsco ITT Pomona ITT Telecom IVAC Ivek IVEK Corp Iwasaki Electric Co., ltd. IXYS Co. IXYS Corp. J&L J.C. Supply J.D.L. J.I.T James H. Jones co. Janesville Tool Janke and Kunkel GMBH Javelin Javelin Electronics Torrence Ca, Javelin Systems Jefferson Magnetek Jem Electric Mfg. Co., Inc. Jer-Neen Manufacturing Jerome Industries Corporation JET Equipment Co. Jewett Jiacheng Works Comp Jiffy Jack Jiffy Lite Jiffy Padded Co John Chatillion and Sons, Inc. Johnson & Son Jonard Inc. Jones & Lamson JST JT&M Co. JT&M Corp. JTM JUDD Juki Co. Julabo Juno Enterprises Inc Justrite JVC JVC Victor Co. of Japan K S K&B K&S K.T.S. Ind, inc. KAI Kaiser Co. Kal Industries Inc KALMUS ENGINEERING Kappa Kawasaki M Kaye Instruments KB KB Electronics Carol Springs FLA KB Electronics Carol Springs FLA KDS 824 Keithley Keithly Kelco Industry, Inc Keltron Kema KEMA KELIR Kempsmith Co. Kendro Kenics Kensington Kent Kenwood Kepco Kerrigan Kessler Kewaunee Keystone Electronic Corp Keytek Keytronic Kidde Fenwal Kikusuii Electronics Co. Kil tannehill inc Killark Kimax Kimball Kimberly Clark Kinetic Systems Kinetics King King Concept King Instrument Co. King Nutronics King, Inc. Kingsley Kingston Technology Kinny Vacuum Kirwan Surgical Inc Kitchen Aid KL Tahnehill Klinger Scientific Knoica KOA Speer Electronics Kodak Korea Krohn hkke Corp Krohn-Hite Kulicke & Soffa Kuritec Kurt J. Lesker Co. Kyushu Matsushita L&R MFG Ultrasonic Lab Industries, Inc. Lab Line Instruments, Inc. Lab Safety Supply Lab Safety Supply Inc Labconco LAB-LINE Labline Instruments Inc Labview Lacasse Furniture Company LA-CO Industries Lafayette Instruments Lake Baler Engineering Lake Region Manufacting Company Lakewood Engineering and MFG Lambda Electronics Lambda Electronics Corp Laminaire Laminaire Corp Lamot Co. Lanier Lasag Laser Co. Laser Machining Inc Sumerset Wisc. Laser Mike Laser Peripherals Medical Division Laserex, Inc. Lasermike Lasers Latex Lauda Lavelin L-COM LDJ Electronics Inc LDS Vacuum Le Croy Leach Leather Craft Inc. - North Carolina Leco Corporation Lecroy Lectrosonics, Inc. Lectrotech Ledu Corp Ledu Corporation Lee Laser, Inc. Lee Rosenthal Lee Spring Leeds and Northrup Instruments Leeds Precision Leesen Electric Co. Legaci/ Revco Leica Leitz Leitz Wetxlan Lemo Lemo USA Inc Electronic Connector Lesco Lewisystems Leybold Leybold Vacuum Products Leyhold Heraews GMBH Lfe mark ind inc Liebert Co. Life Support Systems Light of America Light Source Linberg-Blue M Lincoln Electric Co. Lindberg Blue M Line Master Line Master Switch Corp Linear Instruments Linemaster Linemaster Switch Corp Ling Ling Dynamic Systems LTD Tel UK Linseis Inc Prinstion New Jersey Lion Red Controls Liquid Control Co. Lista International Co. Little Giant Pump Co. Loctite Lofus Development Co. Logan engineering co Logical Devices, Inc. Logitech Logitronics, Inc. Loine Master Lotus Louisville Love Controls Co. Love Joy, Inc. Lovesham Co. Lowry LTD, China L-tek LTS Lucas Schaevitz Lucas-Milhaupt Inc. Luma Electric Company Lumidor Safety Products Lumonics Lumonics LuxStar LUXCO Luxo Luxor Lamps Lyon Lyons M&R Enterprises M.H.H. Engineering MAC Mac Master Carr Supply Company MACCOR Macdonald and Co. MacGregor Machine shop MacIntosh Macintosh quadra 650 Macro Scientific Macromatic Mactronix inc Magic Chef Magnacraft Magnaflux Magnavox Magnecraft Magnetek Magnetic Century Electric Magnetic Tech LTD Magtrol, Inc. Mahr Malaysia Mall Tool Co. Manco Manhattan ELECTRIC Manix Manfacturing Inc. Mantis Vision Eng. Manufacturer Maot Mara Tech International Ltd. MARBO March March Instruments Inc. Marcon Mark 10 Mark Eyelet & Stamping, Inc. Markem Markson Scientific Marktech, Inc. Marsh Marsh/ Bellofram Marshall Martec, Inc. Marway Products, Inc. MassComp Master Appliance Co. Mastercraft Tools Matco-Norca Matheson Max Co, Ltd Maxtor Mayor MBB MBB-AT MC Brain Instruments McDaniel Control, Inc. McGaw VWR Scientific McGraw Hill Publishing Mcgregor Welding Systems LTD McLean Engineering McMaster Carr Supply Co. MCT MDE Mead Mead-Hatcher, Inc. Mecco Co. Med-General Media Medica Medical Manufacturing Equipment Medical Source Co LTD Medilase Inc. Medtronic Medtronic Fab Medtronic Fab system Medtronic Fabrication Medtronic Unit Medtronics Medtuff MEECH USA Meeco Inc Warrington MEIJI Meiji Techno Co LTD Meiji-Labax Co. LTD Japan Melles Griot Memcor-Truohm Meriam Instrument Meridian Merrick Engineering Merronics Met One Metcal Inc. Metek Meteor Metier Metone Metric Systems Metro Metro Fer Automation an Elektronik Mettler Mettler Indust. Corp. New Jersey MF MFE Instruments MGE UPS Systems MHC Miachi Miami Fla Arctic Industries Mica co. Micro air Micro Automation Micro Join Micro Robotics Systems Inc. (MRSI) Micro tac Micro Technical Industries Microbilt MicroCase Microchip Microchip Tech MicrochipTech, Inc. Microcomputer Accessories, Inc. Microcomputer Processors, Inc. MicroCrystal MicroDesign Microflame MicroImage Video Systems, Inc. MicroJoin Microjoin Inc. Micromanipulator Micron Micron Electronics, Inc. Micronet Tech Inc Micronta Micropac Industries Micropolis Micropump Co. Microsemi Microsemi Co. Microsoft Microsol Microtek Microtek Industries Inc Microtek International Inc Microtemp MICRO-VU Microware Milan Millar Instruments Inc Miller Miller Products Company Inc Miller Welder Millpore Milton Bradley Milton Roy Minarik Minco Minolta Camera Co. Mircopac Inc. Mircopac Industies, Inc. Mircopac Industry Mircosemi MIS Computer System Misc. Paper Misco Mitsubishi Mitutoyo Miyachi Miyachi / Hughes Miyachi Technos Corp MK Plastics MKS mks Baratron Bar MKS Boulder Co MLI M-m Mobro Instrumentering Modern Equipment Modular Circuit Technology Moffatt Inc. Mokia Mokom Molectronic Moler Incorporated Monoject Monterey Engineering Montgomery Ward, USA Moore Moore Business Forms Inc Moritex Corp Morton Injecta Color systems Mosier Industries Inc Motion Industries Motor-Doerr Electric Co. Motorola Motorola Lighting Comp Mountain Mountz Mouser Electronics MPM Co. MPM Corp. MRSI MTI MTM MTS Mueller Mueller Electric Co Clevaland OH. Muill-Max Multicolor Solders Multicore Murata Electronics Muri-Lube Myachi Technos Co. Myers Myron L. Company NaberTherm Nalge Nunc International Nalgene Napco NATIONAL National Appliance Co. National Cable Holding National Electronics National Health Laborotories NATIONAL INSTRUMENT National Instruments National Scale Co. National Semiconductor Nat'l Semi NCI NCR Co. NEC. Nederman Neer Nellcor Inc Neopost Neoterik NesLab NESLAB Neslab Newington NH Nester Instruments Neuro Technology New Brunswick New England Affligated Technologies New England Electric Wire Co. New Pig Newark Newport Electronics Inc Newport Klinger Newport Scientific Inc Newtons Newtronics co inc NeXT Next Step NEY Ney Ultrasonics Inc Niagara NIBCO Nibco NIBCO USA Nicolet Nielsen NIKKO NIKKO Nikon Nil Fisk Nilfisk NISSHO Seimitsh Kogakuass Tokyo Jap Nittany Packaging NMB Technologies Inc. Noctional Instrument Nohau Corp Nohav Co. Nokia Nolatron Inc Noltau Co. Non-Linear System Inc. Norcal Products Nordex Danburys CT. Norelco Norgren Norstar North Northern Ordinance Inc. NORTHERN TELECOM, NORTEL, NORSTAR Northgate Computer Systems Northwest Instrument Systems Norton-lambert NoShok Novatech 410-789-4811 NPC Polaroid NSI LTD NSK NSR NTN Bearings Nuarc Nu-Concept Numatics Numatrol 2 Nuova Fima Nupro Nuton Nuton NVE Nycoil O.E.C. Orthodyne O.W. moore machine co. Oak Oakton Ogden OGP Ohaus Ohio Medical Products/Airco Ohmeda Ohmic Instruments Co. Ohmic Instruments Company Ohmite Ohmite Mfg co OK Industries Okidata Olympus OMC Johnson Omega Omega Engineering Inc Omni Co. Omron ONE-AC Onodyne Ontek Ontrack computer systems inc. Ophir OPHIR OPTICS LTD Science Based Ind Opta Power Co. Optical Analysis Corp Optical Gaging Products Inc Optifix Optima Opto Opto 22 Optronics Opus systems OPW Orangeburg s.c. Oriel Oriental Motor Made in Japan Orion Orram sylvania inc Orthodyne Osmonics inc Osram Sylvania, Inc. Osterier Ottmic Instruments Inc Otto Owen Manufacturing Co Oxbury Procopy F2 Oxford Oxford Labware Oxford Pendaflex Oxygen Service Co. P Schiff Ent. Pace Pace Inc. Pacific Scientific Pacific Transducer Co. Pacific Western Systems, Inc. PacificWestern Systems, Inc. Pack Rite Packaging Aids Co. Packard Bell Packing Aids Corp Palmar Products Palomar /Hughes Panametrics Panasonic Panavise Panduit Co. Pantone Panvise Papst papst-motoren Para Systems Paragon Electric Company Parfect Precision Parker Parker Hannifin Co. Parker USA Parker/Curl Particle Measuring System Partlow Pass & Seymour Legrand Passive Patlite Patlite Corp Japan Paul Mace Software PB20A PC Accessories PC Cables Etc. Simi Vallys CA PC Cables TEC PC Express PC Tailors PDOS Ped A Vac Penn Pennsylvania Scale Pennsylvania Scale Co Perkin-Elmer Perma Power Personal Fan Pfefer Products PG Eptco PG Eptco Phase 1 Technology Phd inc PHD Inc. Phenomenex PHI PHILLIPS Phillips Phillips Semi Photon Sources, Inc. Physio-Control Pickstone Ovens Picoprobe Piezo Pigtails PI-HV Pillar PINS Pitney Bowes Pittman Plainview New York Plantronics Plasma Tech. Co. Plastic Systems Plato Products Inc Plato Products Inc Plato-Wick PM Service, Inc. PN200131-003 Point Medical Polamar Products Inc. Polar Polaroid polaron Polomar Products PolyDyne Polymer Laboratories Polysci Pomona Pomona Electronics Ponona Electronic Popkin Popper and Sons Inc, Portable Lamps Posdick M.T. Co. Potter and Brumfield Power Control Systems Power Ex Power King Power One Power Switch Power Tec Industrial Corp Power Tec Industrial Corp Powers Process Controls Powervar Poxima PPS-80 Precise Precise Optics Inc. PRECISION BALANCE Precision Scientific Premier Preso Press Air Trol Pressotechnik Pressure Blast Manufacturing Co Printronix Prior Prixima Pro Master I Probe Master Probot Probot Inc Probotech PROCESS CONTROL EQUIP Product Machine Co. Production Automation Progressive Machine Co Projects Unlimited Promed Proteus Proto Prowriter Pryrex labware PSC PSC Inc Webster NY PSC,INC PTC Instruments PTI Industries Pulnix Pure Aire Corp. Purlite Purox PWMC Pyrex Q Cees Q Corporation QCEE'S Q-CEE'S QCEES Product Corp QCEE'S Product Corp Qest QL QMS Print System QRD Inc Quad Quad Group Quad Systems Co. Quad Tech Quality Components Quality Digest Quality Paper Products Quantronix Quantum Quarter Quartz Line Quest Engineering, Inc. Quick Seal Quincy Quinton R&D RACAL Racal Instruments Inc Racal Instruments, Inc. Racal-Dana Radiac Japan Radiant Technology Co. Radio Shack Radionics Radionics Europe n.v. RADYNE Radyne RAL Ram Optical Instruments Ranco Rapistan Rawland Rawson Raychem Raytek RCA RCI Computers RDN Manf Co Realistic Realstar Solutions Red Line red lion cintrols Red Lion Controls Redodot Reed Spectrum Reflow Controller Relan Service Co Reliability, Inc. Reliable Rubber and Plastics Machin Reliable Rubber and Plastics Machin Remcor Research Revco Revco Scientific Inc RF Power RF POWER RFPF RF Power Products Inc RFPP/RF Power Products Inc Rheotherm From Intek Inc Ricand Rice Lake Richmond Richmond Static Control Services Richmond Tech Inc Ricoh Rietchle Rietschle Rittal Rittal werk rudolf loh gmbh and co Roca Research, Inc. Roche Rockwell Rodime PLC ROD-L Electronics, Inc. Rofa Trim Rolenn Manufacturing Rose Rosemount ROSEMOUNT Rowe industries Royal Engineering Royce Instruments Royonic RSR RT Corporation Rubbermaid Ruby Con Rubycon Rucker and Kolls Ruff Rustrak Rx5000 heat Rythm Technology S & K International S L WABER S&K S.O.S. S.S. White Industries Products S10-SYN SAB Brockskes Safco SafeCo Safety Sign Co Sage Instruments Sakompoy Salvis Samsung Samtec Samtron Sandefur Engineering Company SanKey Santa Clara Plastic & Manufacturing Sanyo Sartorious Werke Sartorius Saski Electric Co. Anseion Sato SATO America Inc SATO Corp Satorius Saunders & Associates Savage Saxton SC Hydraulic Engineering Schares Scherr Tumico Schieicher Schiller Schleicher PAC Schleuniger Schmidt Schnader Bellows Schneeberger Bedford Ma Schneider Scholly Fiberoptic Schott Co. Schott-Foster Inc Schrader Bellows Schroder Schroff Schuco Sci Med Sci Med Fabrication Science Related Materials Scientech ScienTemp Co. Scientific Products Scimed Sci-Med Scimed Fabrication Scooter Scotch Scott Scott Fetzer Company SCP SDazor MFG Co. Seagull Scientific System SeaMed Sears Sears Craftsman SE-CWR-ALL Cabinets seevac inc Seiko Instruments Seiko Instruments Semi Conductor Equipment Co. Semi Gas Semi-Alloys Co. Semiconductor Equipment Co. Semitronics Sencore Sencorp Senscore Sensetech Sensidyne Sensing Devices Ltd. Sensitech Sensor Devices Inc. SensoTec Sentinal Pro Sentrex Sepco Serdex Bacharach Seritech-Nica Setra SGEP SGL SGP Shape Magnetronics Shape Manetronics Inc Shape/Brooks Electricity, Inc. Sharp Sharp Precision Shaw Walker Shelf 24 Shelf 25 Shell Care Shel-lab Shelve 25 Shimadzu Shinwa Shunt Siecor Sieko Siemens Sienna Sigma Signal Transformer Co. Signet Scientific Signetics Siig Sikama Silastic rx50 Silverno Simco Simplex Time Recorder Company Simpson Sircal Instruments LTD Sirena electra Size Control SKIL Slo-Syn Small Parts Inc SMC SMC Pneumatics Inc. Smead Smith Equipment Division Smith-Victor SMW Software Securty Sogevac Sola SOLA Solberg Manufacturing, Inc. Solbourne Solectek Solfunt So-Low Somfy Tec Sommer & Hacca Glass Machinery Co. Sonicor Instrument Corp Sonics & Materials Sonics and Materials Inc SonoTec Sony Sony Corp. SORENSEN Sorenson SOS Inc. Sota Sounders and Associates South Bend South Co. Southwest Wire Southwestern Bell Space Maker Co. Sparc Station SPC Tec SPC Tech SPC Technology Specialized Systems Technology Specialty Connector Co., Inc. Specialty Optical Spectra Tech Spectra-Strip Spectro Spectro Analytical Instruments SpectroFlame SpectroLine Spectronics Spectronics Instruments Speedaire Spelman Spencer Spinder & Hoyer Spirax/Sarew Spiricon Sprague Sprite Square D SRI SS White Industrial Products SSl SST ST St Charles Mfg ST Industries S-T Industries Inc SOLD Back to Sci ST or CT Stack Staco Staco Energy Products STACO ENERGY PRODUCTS STAG Stahl StanCor STANCOR Standard Packaging Company Standards, Inc. Standford Research Systems Inc Stanford Research Stanley Stanley Vidmar Star Micronics Co LTD Star Shade Cutter Co. Star View Packaging Starrett STATIC CONTROL Static Control Services Stealth Steatite Power Steinel America Inc Steinmeyer Stem Systems Step II Sterling Sterling Scale Co Inc Steward Steward Medical STI Stocker &Yale Stocker and Yale inc Stokes Vacuum Storage Stak III Sturdi Kleer Sturdi-Kleer Sturtevant Richmont STURTEVANT RICHMONT Sub-Tronics, Inc. Sullins Sulzer Intermedics Summa Graphics Summit Hill Sun Sun Mincosystems, Inc. Sun Plastics Co. Sunex Sunnen Honing Sunnex Supco Superex Superior Abrasives Superior Electric Superior Products, Inc. Supreme Equipment SurviveAir SVF Swagelok Swaghole Swaglok SylVac Sylvania Sylvania Special Production Inc Symbol SyQuest Technology T & B Ansley T&R Test Equipment LTD T&R Test Equipment LTD T. S. E. T.C. Services T.I. TABAI Corp. Tabai Espec Co. Tadiran Talboys engineering Co. Talboys Enginnering Comp. Tally Rowe Industries Tamura Tandom Tannehill Tantec Tantee Target Systems Tatung Taylor Winfield Taylor-Hobson Taylor-Merchant TCIC Co. TCM TCR TEAC Teadlite TebCo PS Tech Power Techcon Systems Inc Techcon Systems, Inc. TechLab Cart Techmet Co TECHNI-2 Technical Innovations Technical Manufacturing Co. TechniQuip Techniquip Corp Cali, Techni-Tool Technology Associated Tecno Info. System Teel Tegal Tehtronix Tektromin Tektronic Tektronix Tektronix Teldor Tele/Sentinal Mennen-Great Batch Teledyne Brown Engineering Teledyne Kinetics Teledyne Post Teledyne TAC Teledyne Water Pik Telemac Canique Telemac Canique LR-D09-308 Telemecanique TelTone Teltron Co. Temptale H Temptronic Temptronic Co. Temptronic Corp Tencor Instruments Tenney Engineering Terra Universal Terra Universal, Inc. TesCom TesCom Test 2 Test Probe Inc. Testofon Testone Testron Tex tool Texas Instruments Texas Systems Texcell TexTool Textron Textron Textronic Textronix Texwipe TGV The Aro Corporation The Baker The Cintrex Group The Grieve Corp The L.S. Starrett Co. THE SPENCER-TURBINE COMPANY Thelco Thermalogic Thermcraft Incorporated Thermo/Cense Inc. Thermodyne Thermo-Hygro Thermo-Jay Thermolyne THERMOLYNE Thermolyne Subsidary of Sybron Thermon Manufacturing Thermotron Thiel / Air Tech Thin Line Think Jet Think Jet Thomas & Betts Corporation Thomas Regional Thornton Thuwing Albert Inst Co TIF Instruments TIF INSTRUMENTS Tiffen Tiffen TKM TLSI TMC Tohnichi Tomy Tech USA Inc Tooltronics Topaz Tops Network Bundle for DOS Topward Topward Electronic Instruments Toret Torex NSI & Torr Torisan Torit Torit Division Donaldson Comp Inc Torque Leader Torr X-Ray Co. Torrington Fafnir Co. Toshiba Tousimis Tow Motor Tower Electrical TPI TPM Tpm Tracor Tradelite Transformer Test Systems Treadlite Treadlite Linemaster Trek Tremptronic Co. Trend Instruments Tri-Arc Manufacturing Co., Inc. TriCoder Tridek Trigon technologies Trig-Tek Inc. Trimedyne Trio-Tech Triplett Tripp Lite TriVac Trivac Leybold Troemner Trompeter Electronics Trompter Electronics Trumpf TRW TRW Cinch TSCI Co. TSI TSU TTI Testron Inc. Tui Tungsten Twin City Oxygen Co., Inc. Type 5 Tyton U S Filters Plymouth Products U.S. Filter U.S. GAGE UB Industries UBI Ubi UE UFI Ultra Clean Products Ultra Cure Ultra Tek Ultrak Ultralite Ultrastor Co. Ultra-X Inc. Ultron System Inc Ultron Systems Inc Underwriters Laboratories Inc Unger Unholtz-Dickie Unichem Industries Inc Unidex Union Carbide Union Super Steel Professional Unit Design Unitdesign United Barcode Industries United Barcode Industries United Electric United Electric Controls Co United Kingdom United Silicone Inc Unitek Unitek Equipment Unitek Equipment inc Unitek Miyachi Universal Instruments Co. Universal Labeling Systems Inc Universal Machinery Co. University Drive UPC Upsonic Urania URANIA Engineering Co. Inc Urania Engineering Co.inc US Filter Plymouth Products US Gauge US Stoneware US West Cellular USG USHIO Ushio Inc USI International UTCA Uthe UTHO UTI Utica Uvex Safety, Inc. VAC Vacuum Atmosphere Company Vacuum General Vadnais Technologies Valco Instruments Co. Valhalla Valiant Vallen Safety Supply Valley Electromagnetics Corporation Valley Instrument Company Valmedix Value Plastics Inc Van Kueren VanAir Vaponics Variac Varian Varios Varner Vasisala Woburn, MA Vector Veeco Vemcolite Ventak Verbatin Verification Systems, Inc. Vermont VERSA Versa Ferguson Conveyor Co. Versa Logic Versatec Vertical Verticle Machine Center Vertrod Vertrod Co. Vertrod Corp Vet/Ox Vetra Systems Co. Vetronics Vetter Digital Vibra Tite Vibramatic hendricks eng VICTOR EQUIPMENT Victor Equipment Co. Video Jet Intenatiol Video Puls Videologic Videotek, Inc. View Logic View Sonic 4e Viewsonic Corp Vigor Virginia Panel Co. Visala Vishay Dale Vision Engineering Ltd. Vista Visual Thermoform Ltd. Vitronics Co. Vivr Vmip Volex Volpiag Volvere Vornado Vortec Corporation Vortex VRW Scientific V-Tek Inc. VTS Vulcan VWR VWR SCIENTIFIC VXI Technology W.M. Welch Manufacturing Company W.P. Johnson Products Waage Electric Waage Electric Inc Wabco American-Standard Wabco Fluid Power Wagner Wahl Clipper Waldmann Waldom Electronics Walker Magnetics Walker Scientific Inc. Waltco Waltow Ward Machinery Co. Warner electric Watec Waters Watkins-Johnson Watlow WATLOW WATLOW CONTROLS Watts Wavetek Wayne Kerr WE Weather Measure Weathertronic, Inc. Web Label Ltd. Weigh-Tronix WEIGH-TRONIX Weksler Instruments Co. Welch Vacuum Technology, Inc. Weldlogic Inc Weller Wentworth Laboratories, Inc. Werner Electric Wesco MFG Wesco SDL-55 Weslow West Bond West Coast Logistics Co. West Instruments Westco Western Enterprises Western Graphtec Westinghouse Electric Corp Whatman Whirl Air Flow Whisper 800 White Motor Whitey Whitlock Wholesale Electric Supply Co. Wiko WILD Wild Photoautomat Wild/Lep Inc. Wild/Licea Wilkerson William Marketing, Inc. Wilson Greatbatch, Inc. Wilson Tukon Winchester Wind Windsor Wiremold Wisconsin Oven Corp WM220-1 Wollensolk 3M Woodward Worchester Controls Worklon Worthington Woven Electronics WS Equipment/20th Century Machine WYSE Wysong and miles co. Xeltek Xenon Xentek Inc. xerox Xerox Xircom Xtra YAESU MUSEN CO. Yag Industrial Lasers Yamaichi Yankee Yask Electric Yaskawa Yaskawa Electric Corp Yogogawa YSI YSI Incorporated Zax Corp Zebra Zebra Technology Zed Industries Ohio Zekes Zenith Zentec Zephyrtronics Airbath Zeus Zevatech, Inc. Zevatech/Juki Z-Mike a Div of Laser Mike Z-Mike Middle town CT ZNP Rava Poland Zoom Telephones, Inc. Zycad Zygo