All Bids Are In Whole U.S. Dollars Only!

Confirming the Sale
Once a bidder is notified that they have been awarded the sale, they will have three business days to pay the bid amount in full with US Dollars by means of wire transfer (see WIRE TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS page), or by a CASHIER’S CHECK sent to METRO CAD INC. at 8808 Monticello Lane North, Maple Grove, MN 55369. All required sales tax will automatically be applied. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to submit a Resale Certificate with the bid if tax is not to be included. The Resale Certificate must be representative of the same industry as the items that are purchased.

Any material handling equipment being offered for sale will be used in the removal of items during the removal period. Purchasers acknowledge that this equipment will not be picked up until after the final day of the sale.

In the event the buyer fails to pay the entire purchase price within the time set forth above and/or fails to comply with any of the conditions or terms of the sale, the seller will reopen the bidding on the item(s) and sell them without further notice. If the equipment is not removed within the agreed upon removal period, the item(s) will be deemed abandoned. After receipt of payment, the removal period must be within five business days.

Bidders are responsible for making their own arrangements and payment for transfer of purchased equipment to their desired location. METRO CAD INC. will be responsible for moving items to the dock area on the indicated date for pick up. All liability for crating, rigging, and shipping remains with the purchaser.

For small items (less than 50 lbs.), packaging may be provided upon request for an additional 5% charge. These small items can also be shipped if a Fedex or UPS account number is provided for that purpose.

Notice: Some items offered for sale are restricted from shipment to an ultimate destination outside of the United States, by U.S. Law. All sales of these “Restricted Technology” items are intended for ultimate destination only within the U.S. and it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to obtain proper licenses, where required, and if allowed, by U.S. law.

While descriptions are believed to be accurate, the sellers make no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, as to the genuineness, authenticity of, or defect of any item(s) being sold and will not be held responsible for any advertising discrepancies or inaccuracies, including without limitation any pictures, descriptions or other information relating to the assets as contained on the website or other communications electronic or otherwise. All items are sold on an “AS-IS”, “WHERE IS”, AND “WITH ALL FAULTS” basis. THE SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED AS TO THE NATURE, QUALITY, and VALUE OR CONDITION OF THE GOODS OR ITS SUITABILITY FOR ANY USE. SELLER EXPRESSLY AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. BUYER AGREES THAT THE SELLER SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to secure all safety equipment to meet all applicable government safety and environmental standards in using, removing or shipping the items purchased. Certain pieces of equipment may contain residual chemicals. The purchasers hereby indemnify and hold harmless the sellers from any and all damages, claims, or liabilities from any injuries to persons or property of any type whatsoever caused during the sale or during the removal or during use or operation of the purchased items.

Effort has been made to provide accurate information and photo to match the items, however, there may be inaccuracies in the information and there may be errors or substitutions in photo matching. METRO CAD INC. will try to provide resolution to these inaccuracies as we are made aware of them but assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies, including without limitation any pictures, descriptions or other information relating to the assets as contained on the website,, or other communications, electronic or otherwise.

It is buyer’s responsibility to keep updated on bidding and terms and conditions. METRO CAD INC. reserves the right to modify Terms and Conditions for bids and sales from time to time, without prior notice.

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