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METRO-CAD is a Capital Asset Disposition company that buys and sells items new, used and consigned. Our on-line warehouse provides a unique world-wide market, giving top profit and exposure to sellers while providing great savings and selection to buyers. Please send your list of items to sell to pauls@metro-cad.com

I have items I want to sell, who should I contact?
Send an e-mail to pauls@metro-cad.com detailing the kind of items you have and what kinds of terms you would be interested in selling them at.

There is an item I am looking to buy, how do I know if your warehouse has it?
Please call 763-595-7307 or email pauls@metro-cad.com we have thousands of items New and used Not listed on this site, or You can use the search function on our website to quickly and easily determine whether or not we have any items fitting your needs in stock. Visit the
ONLINE AUCTION and type your criteria into the search field on the right side of your screen. Some search suggestions are: Model Number, Manufacturer, Serial Number or a short description.

Can I search your on-line warehouse without registering?
Yes! You can feel free to browse through our pages as much as you'd like, but you won't be able to bid on and purchase items until you register and get a Bidder ID. If you have questions please call 763-595-7307.

I'm registered, now what?
In order to utilize your Bidder ID, you must log-in to the site. To do so, just click on the LOGIN/LOGOFF link at the top of the screen, a small window will pop up with fields for your email address and password. Please enter in the email and password you gave in your BIDDER REGISTRATION form, then submit your Log-In request by clicking on the button at the bottom of the field. If you have questions call 763-595-7307

How do I Register?
It's easy! All you need to do is click on the REGISTRATION link above and provide us with the information necessary. Submit your completed form, and you will be contacted via email with a temporary pass key. You can use this key to sign in and select a permanent key.

I'm registered, I'm logged in and now I would like to bid on an item, how do I do so?
Once you have found an item that you would like to bid on, simply enter your desired bid in the field at the bottom of the webpage on which you see the item. You will notice that the minimum bid for the item has been automatically generated. You may use this as your starting bid and then click the "bid" icon to the right of the field. If the item has already been bid past the start bid, you must increase that bid by at least the minimum amount, given directly under the starting bid.

How long do I have to bid on the item?
You will see a closing date listed in the Bidding Information. This is the date and time that the auction you are participating in will end.

What is a Proxy Bid?
This is the largest amount that you would be willing to pay for the item you are bidding on. Instead of having to log-in and up your bid personally, METRO-CAD will increase your bid for you up to the amount that you designate.

What is a Quick Sale Purchase?
This is the price that an item can be bought for outright, with no need to participate in an on-line auction. If you want to buy the item for the flat rate listed there, simply click on the "Quick Sale" icon, and follow the instructions given on the next screen.

I won the item that I was bidding on, now what?
Congratulations! You should be receiving an invoice via email soon after your winning bid is accepted. Once you have received this invoice, you will be contacted by Metro CAD, Inc. to determine the shipping and payment methods which you wish to use, and an adjusted invoice will be sent to reflect any changes. Upon receipt of your payment, your item will be shipped per your instructions.

How do I change the information that I entered into my Bidder Registration?
Visit the BIDDER PROFILE screen to make any changes neccessary, then click the "Update" button at the bottom of your screen.

How can I see all of the items I am bidding on?
Simply link to your BIDDER HISTORY.

How do I get to the Brooklyn Center Showroom?
Please call ahead to set up an appointment. From Highway 100 take Brooklyn Blvd, EAST to 49th Ave., turn LEFT on 49th, about 2-3 blocks to stop sign, take a RIGHT at the second driveway. Entrance is a service door between the #9 and #10 dock doors.

How do I get to the Maple Grove Showroom
Our address is 8808 Monticello Lane N. Maple Grove MN 55369 We are just a few blocks NW of HWY 694 and Hwy 169 Go North on 169 to 85th Ave , Go West to Monticello Lane, Go Right (North)3 blocks to 8808 Monticello Lane North. Please call ahead Business hours are 8-5 M-F

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